Week 2

Journal52 Week 2
To see more of the wonderful journals please visit this site JOURNAL52 at this weeks prompt, which is JUST BE

I think it was a hard challenge in that case of telling what is JUST BE. Do you know how man words that popped up? – I am sure you can read all those by looking at the Facebook groups entries and the home of JOURNAL52, I can’t wait to visit all them (if possible) and see how they manage this challenge.

JUST Be is doing nothing, now that is not right, it is to be in the Now! To be with yourself and experience your being at that exact moment you do what ever it is you want to do there.

My page is a symbolic of the moment I am  Just Being by using my art skills in this journal. The first words that came to me by looking at the words is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet where Hamlet holds his fathers skull or was it another one’s? – To Be or not to Be…. That is the question? But not to me, I always say as it is not the correct words, thihi. The next is questions of how to JUST BE? …. Using a key to the Brain? To the Heart? and What is the key for? – Next I say and shows how the “wheels” is running anyway in our Brains, in the Nature and Universe. Looking out of the Window of the Soul and you will get the answer. I hope you are following?

Here is my photo of the journal for this week: There are some close-ups as well



These materials are bought in Denmark – Disse materialer er købt her i Danmark – Hvis du skulle få lyst til at se hvor de er købt

gesso1Pages painted with white
Gesso as first
Faber Castells Gelatos
Coated with Gel Medium
 Dies cut from earlier projects by Sizzix and others  Text written with a Twin Design Marker

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